‘TAB-ers’ Blog for Future Students

by Erica Mundell

The Transylvania University Admissions Office is sponsoring a program for current students to write blogs about their experiences at Transy to help prospective students understand what life is like as a student here. Called Transy Admissions Bloggers (“TAB-ers”), the program is headed by Admissions Counselor and recent Transy graduate John Hall.

Hall attended a first-year counselor convention in Nashville over the summer and was inspired by a program that presented ideas on using the Internet for admissions. “We had a student blog program a couple of years ago, but lack of interest and bloggers kind of killed them off,” said Hall. “Our director, Brad Goan, saw the interest that I had in the blog program and gave me the go ahead to getting it back up and running.” He researched other blog programs and with the help of the E-Recruitment team and Transy Web Page Designer Mariana Shochat created the layout and design for the current TAB page.

The blogs are hosted through a site called Blogspot. Hall put out applications through the various Transy avenues and got a team together in a relatively quick time. There are currently six bloggers; sophomores Abby Adams, H.B. Elam and Amanda Holt and first-years D.J. Nichols, Chris Beal and Holly Brown make up Hall’s team. They are encouraged to blog once a week and are paid $150 per semester.

“I really love Transy, and I want to share that with the prospective students,” said Adams. “It was the overnight visit that did it for me, and if there are some that can’t get here for it, I want them to be able to see what our everyday life is like.”

First-year Chris Beal took into account his own experiences as a potential Transy student when considering joining the blog team. “I decided to be a student blogger for Transy because it gave me an opportunity to provide the same service the school provided for me: a personal connection with the prospective students. Transy has one of the greatest admissions teams I’ve encountered. The blogs give students a chance to see the everyday life of a student,” said Beal.

The blog is set up to be interactive so readers can leave comments, ask questions or make suggestions to the writers. “I think we have a diverse group of bloggers who all have really interesting stories to tell about their Transy experience so students from all different types of backgrounds will be able to identify with one of the bloggers,” said Hall.

If you would like to read the blogs or recommend them to others, you can find them at http:// http://www.transy.edu/admissions/closeup.htm. Hall also has his own blog at http://www.johntuadmissions.blogspot.com.


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