Themed Housing Goes Healthy

by Erica Mundell

The Office of Residence Life is promoting student interest in a themed house based around ideas of health and wellness for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Transylvania University sponsors the Pioneer House Program, where students can submit ideas for a house that focuses on a central theme or idea. Students will form a common goal for their house and prepare a calendar of activities they will host. Housekeeping does not come to these houses either, so students will also have full responsibilities of cleaning the house.

The house also gets a programming budget, which will give students an outlet to encourage their theme across the campus. For each group of six people, the house will be given $200. This can be used for activities, programs or advertising.

A proposal outlining these and many other guidelines for the house must be submitted to Residence Life. It can be found on their Web site. The proposals for this year are due Feb. 9.

house“Themed houses are intended to get students to gather around one academic theme that will extend the conversations they have in the classroom,” said Director of Residence Life Bob Brown.

There are already two themed houses that exist on Transy’s campus. One is the International House, located next to Forrer Hall, which is centered on students expanding their interest and skill in foreign languages. The other is house occupied by members of the Campus Crusade for Christ, located behind Hazelrigg Hall and next to the soccer field.

The newest idea being proposed for a themed house is one tentatively being called the Wellness House. Members of the household will share the common goal of achieving and promoting a healthier lifestyle on campus. However, because it has not yet been established, its specific guidelines and goals are still a work in progress.

“We want this to be a student project. We call it the Wellness House, but what does that really mean? That will be up to the students, and it can be focused wherever they choose,” said Brown.

The cost of living in the Wellness House, or any themed house, is about $2145 a semester. Students living in a themed house also do not have to have a meal plan. The Wellness House is intended to be at 439 West Fourth Street.

With student interest, Residence Life hopes that the Wellness House will be able to take root. “Hopefully, it will one day be connected to students involved in the exercise science program and help enrich their experience,” said Brown.

“I think the house in general will be a good way to improve nutrition, diet and exercise across the campus,” said Corey Rogers, a sophomore and interested student.

Information about the Wellness House can be found on the Residence Life Web site, as well as in the Beck Center.


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