Green Is The New Red This V-Day

by Sarah Wilson
Contributing Writer

Show your partner that you love them in a socially and environmentally responsible way this Valentine’s Day. Making ethical choices in your purchases will spread the love to the Earth and the hard working people of the world. What better way to celebrate your blessing than to share the love with others!

Chocolates: Treat your honey’s sweet tooth with a treat that will also enrich the lives of the cocoa farmers. Dating an animal lover? Endangered Species chocolates are available at various locations here in Lexington, but you will find the biggest selection at Whole Foods. These bars feature different endangered animals and the company gives back to the planet and the farming communities. Another good choice that can be found at Whole Foods is their line of 365 Truffles which come in assorted flavors. However, their selection extends way beyond just these two brands.

Flowers: Whole Foods is also the best place to get your hands on some ethically traded flora. The store will be offering a dozen roses for $24.99. I am told that last year’s roses had huge blossoms. Also, if flowers are only a side note in your celebration, consider their Alstromeria bouquets which sell for about six dollars.

Jewelry: Looking for something to bring out your lady’s beauty? Show her how lovely you think she is by finding her a charming piece of recycled or ethically traded adornment at Lucia’s off of Maxwell Street. Lucia’s also has a great assortment of other ethically traded gifts if you’re wanting something different.

Stuffed Animals: Good Foods, on Southland, carries Wild Republic stuffed animals. These cute, huggable comfort givers also give comfort to disadvantaged children around the world. Wild Republic donates part of their profit to making living standards better for the little ones.

Gift Sets: Good Foods also offers gift sets if you’re looking for a little more variety. The chocolate set is $30 and the spa set is $40. At Whole Foods you can find sets that will create a little more intimacy. If you like your Valentine’s Day to be a little more titillating, check out their Emerita Joy Box and the Sensuous Beauty Lovers Sample Collection. They even have a selection of Beeswax candles to set the mood (unless you live in the dorms, of course).

Entertainment: Dine out at local restaurants on V-Day. There are several within walking distance (check out Stella’s Kentucky Deli for lunch or Al’s Bar for a tasty burger and drink in the evening). Taking your honey to a unique local place will also show that you thought outside the box. Also, if you’re feeling more private, you could curl up on your coach with some Kentucky Ale and a bowl of organic popcorn. Premiere Home Videos on Avenue of Champions is a local place that rents movies out for one day at the low cost of fifty cents (or a dollar for new releases).


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