The Green Man Says

by Austin Hollis

If you didn’t already know, Transy is currently involved in an intercollegiate competition called Recyclemania. In this issue, I’ll take a closer look at recycling and try to clarify some things. For starters, you may be asking, “What’s so great about recycling?” or “Why should we recycle?”

The simplest answer is that recycling conserves resources and reduces waste, therefore saving space in landfills. Recycling also helps conserve the resources we already have. For example, recycling a 4-foot stack of Herald-Leader newspapers produces the same amount of pulp as a 40-foot pine tree (which is one less tree to be cut down)!

The great thing about living in Lexington is that just about everything can be recycled. According to Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG), here is the complete list of what you can put in your blue bin:


Boxboard—cereal, cracker, cake-mix, spaghetti, etc., boxes
Bags (brown, fast-food, etc.)
Catalogues, magazines, newspapers, phone books
Corrugated cardboard
Office and school papers
Unwanted mail, fliers, door hangers

Aerosol (hair spray, etc. Empty!)
Aluminum—soft drinks, beer, etc.
Steel food cans (labels can stay on, but please rinse)

Bottles and jugs only, e.g. soda, milk, water, juice, detergent, bleach, fabric softener

Blue, brown, clear and green bottles and jars (No Pyrex, ceramics, or plate glass)

What can’t be accepted:
Beverage and refrigerated packaging, e.g. soft drink carrier cases and frozen-food boxes
Plastic bags (return to grocery stores)
Styrofoam containers

So you see, there isn’t much that can’t be recycled here in Lexington, and there’s really no excuse to not be recycling everything that you can. Remember that you can get “caught green-handed” as part of the ongoing Recyclemania program, and receive a sweet Nalgene bottle. So take the five extra seconds to find a recycle bin, and pitch in that soda can.

And remember, recycling is just one of the “Three R’s”; Reduce and Reuse are just as important as Recycling!


One Response to The Green Man Says

  1. Glad to see colleges participating in Recyclemania. No colleges in our County have joined yet. To learn some factoids about recycling and easy tips to reduce and reuse, you can check out my blog. There are also links to Waukesha County’s website which has more tips (although some are only applicable to our residents…) Best of luck!

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