DPS Reports Car Break-Ins

by Kim Rodgers

Three cars belonging to Transylvania students were broken into last week. Director of Public Safety Richard Cook said two of the break-ins occurred last Tuesday, Sept. 29, in the Campbell Street lot and the other happened the following morning behind the Shearer Studio Art Building.

“Purses left in the front seat were stolen from two of the vehicles, and a makeup bag the thief probably thought was a purse was stolen from the other vehicle,” Cook said. “We are telling students to put anything of value out of sight, somewhere safe like your trunk, because it only takes 30 seconds to steal something from a car.”

Cook said the Department of Public Safety monitored the area throughout Wednesday. Although they were unable to prevent the theft that occurred that morning, he thinks they averted further break-ins.

“We stopped someone looking in a vehicle,” he said. “We think this might well have been the person responsible for the other incidents, but we can’t prove anything. But we did talk to this person and there haven’t been any more problems.”

The stolen property has not been found and Cook does not anticipate recovery of the items. He also said that such incidents are not uncommon on campus.

At press time, no further break-ins had been reported.

“We want students to take precautions with their belongings,” Cook said. “And we want the word to get around that we are watching.”


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