First-year Senators Adjust to Campus Leadership

by Elizabeth Davis

Transy’s Student Government Association kicked off its first meeting of the year last week, and with the new year came new faces to represent the first-year class.

SGA meets weekly in the Campus Center. Meetings are open to all students, faculty and staff.The first-year senators campaigned in a variety of ways to win their spots alongside the upper class senators who were elected in the spring. Facebook was the most popular campaign method. Andrew Goff, for example, created an “Andrew Goff for Transy SGA” group to spread the word about his campaign. Jake Hawkins and Katie Oakes likewise turned to the popular social networking site.

The tried-and-true word of mouth approach was also a hit. Kelly Heironymus’ strategy was to “talk to as many people as possible.”

Some methods were more successful than others, however. Katie Aultman admits, “I made four signs and then my Sharpies died.”

So what is first and foremost on the agenda for these new SGA members?

“To make a positive difference on the part of the Transy community for the [first-year] class,” Oakes said.

“To work extra hard to make sure our opinions are voiced to the upper class students and the administration,” Goff added.

Kelsey Truman has a slightly different agenda.

“I want to get more reliable TV on campus,” Truman said.

The first-years all expressed an element of energy and confusion surrounding their first meeting.

“Just seeing all the upperclassmen and how committed they were was exciting,” Hieronymus said.

“The procedures are very intense,” Oakes added. “We follow the constitution to a T.”

Despite the uncertainty that came with their first meeting, however, both Goff and Hawkins said they are grateful to be able to step into the role of senator.

“I have so many procedures left to learn, but I look forward to it,” Hawkins said.

The combination of bewilderment and enthusiasm is nothing new to the upper class senators. One, junior Prya Murad, said she is still learning even after three years as an SGA senator. She offered some advice for her newest counterparts.

“Don’t think the [upper class students] want to run the show. They want to know what you can bring to the table.”

SGA meets on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. in Conference Room A in the William T. Young Campus Center.


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