Women’s Soccer Finishing HCAC Strong

by Abby Ferguson

With the end of the season just around the corner, the women’s soccer team is gearing up for the HCAC tourney. They will be rounding out the season with just three conference games against Bluffton University, Franklin College and College of Mount St. Joseph.

Although the rest of the games will not be easy, the team is confident that previous games have prepared them for what is to come.

“We’ve had a few rough losses recently, but I think those games have prepared us for what’s to come through the rest of the season,” said junior defender Kristin Tenhundfeld.

The team is 4-1 in HCAC play, but they know that conference play is not over yet. Although the team has had a few slip-ups recently, they have the ability to come up with a win at the end of every game.

First-year Ashley Cobane looks to pass the ball to a teammate for a goal.“Recently, we’ve struggled and had a few close calls in games where we outplayed a team. So preparation at this point is just the realization that things can go wrong [but] we can bounce back from our mistakes,” said Tenhundfeld.

To stay near the top of the conference standings, the women need to win the last three conference games. They hope that as they keep winning, other teams will lose so Transy can move into first place. If this does not happen, Tenhundfeld said they hope to “get seeded in the conference tournament.”

The team has very high hopes for the rest of the season. They have worked hard to be the best in their conference and they continue to strive to be at the top.

“I think everyone on the team would agree that we are working towards winning the conference, making it to the conference finals, and hopefully winning the conference tournament,” continued Tenhundfeld. “Ultimately our biggest goal for the season is to make it to the NCAA tournament.”

In the weeks to come, they will be facing tough opponents, but are preparing to do so. They know the games they have ahead of them and are positive that, with their talent, they can come out on top.

“We have a handful of games left in Mount St. Joe, Washington and Lee [University] and Wittenberg [University] that will be tough, but for the most part the rest of our season is favorable for us,” Tenhundfeld predicted. “Our team is very talented this year, so expectations are high.”

The next conference stop for the team is Bluffton on Oct. 17. Knowing that their standing in the conference is on the line, they will come out to play and play hard.


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