Lexington, TU Ghost Tours Continue to Spook

by Jessica Gordon

Students should go on at least two ghost tours around Halloween. The first is the annual Lexington Ghost Walk and Creepy Crawl. The second, of course, is Transylvania’s very own annual ghost tours.

The Lexington Ghost Walk and Creepy Crawl starts at 7 p.m. in front of Starbucks on the corner of Broadway and Main Streets. The guide, Kevin Steele, then takes the group in a circular path through downtown Lexington at night. The haunted locations include The Central Bank building, Gratz Park Inn, The Lexington Opera House, Hunt Morgan House and even Transylvania. Steele is an excellent storyteller and adds in many historically fun facts along with his ghostly tales. His tours continue through Nov. 7. The tour costs $10 for adults and $5 for children. Don’t be afraid. Most tourists come back alive and well.

Transylvania ghost tours are hosted annually by the Theatre Guild. During Raf week, members of The Theatre Guild tell ghastly tales of suicide, murder and madness that allegedly took place on campus. Unlike the downtown ghost tour, the Transylvania tour is free for students. This year, the ghost tours were held last night from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Students gathered in Front Lobby and were served refreshments such as cookies and cider. Guides took victims (I mean groups) through Forrer Residence Hall and then over to the academic side of campus. The tragic story of the girl in the yellow dress in the Delta Delta Delta hallway, the Phi Mu president murdered in front of Old Morrison and many more gruesome tales will have students wondering if that chill was just a breeze or something more.

Of course, Constantine Rafinesque’s story was told, as well, in the most fitting place: his tomb within Old Morrison. He is the reason Transylvania is mentioned in the downtown ghost tour. After all, many believe his curse caused the old building to burn to the ground. Every seven years, the curse is said to return. However, Raf week events, such as spending a night in Raf’s tomb, are intended to honor him and hopefully placate the spirit from anymore accursed doings. Students should hope it works because the cursed year is just around the corner: 2011.


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