Field Hockey Finishes on Winning Note

by Carlos Melgar

Transylvania’s field hockey team recently ended their season with a pair of wins. In the past week, the Pioneers have defeated in very close overtime matches Hendrix College (1-0) and Earlham College 3-2. The game against Hendrix was Senior Day and couldn’t have ended better than with a win for the seniors. Before the game, the seven-member class was honored for their hard work and dedication on and off the field.

This year’s senior class included Whitney Mitchell, Laurie Mitchell, Becca Tougher, Shawna Corman, Liz Todd, Amy Cason and Alyssa Alfaro.

First-year Molly Dean passes the ball up the field for her team to score.The lone goal against Hendrix was scored by Whitney Mitchell when she and junior teammate Annie Donelan combined a play together six minutes into the extra period. Mitchell beat the keeper with a one-on-one fancy move to put the Pioneers on top.

In the season finale game against Earlham on Monday, Whitney Mitchell scored again on a breakaway which put the Pioneers on top.

“We couldn’t have ended our season any better than with these top wins,” Laurie Mitchell said.
The field hockey team has put up many close matches against top rivals, and they have stepped up their game with every match.

“Even though we have had a tough season, we still play our hearts out,” sophomore April Corman said. “We fight for every point and we do not give up even if we are down. These wins couldn’t have been a better way to end the season.”

Next year, the Pioneers hope to have a good recruiting class. Despite the rough season, they have been undefeated in one thing: team chemistry.

“I am so glad that I decided to play field hockey. With or without the wins, this team is encouraging, positive and a truly incredible thing to be part of,” junior Nora Montgomery said. “But being able to express our heart and determination through a win is always an added benefit.”


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