Mr. Obama Has His ‘Hand In Cookie Jar’

by Matthew Hardin

When I was a child, I was known to occasionally sneak my hand into the cookie jar, and on more than one occasion lied to cover up my tracks. Such an offense is not uncommon among youngsters, and most parents have come to expect it as a normal part of raising children. It’s one of many tendencies that we are expected to simply “grow out of” as we get older.

Politicians, however, have never been able to master personal responsibility and other lessons from childhood. Pet projects, ranging from dams to refurnishing the headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security, crept into the stimulus bill President Obama signed back in February, which the Congressional Budget Office estimates will cost taxpayers $787 billion when all is said and done.

As the Wall Street Journal reported (, the White House announced last Friday, in a grand attempt to justify the fiscal insanity for which the president had lobbied so hard and eventually signed into law 10 months ago, that its proposal had directly created or saved 640,000 jobs at a cost of approximately $160,000 each.

Never mind the fact that the state of California has revised its job-creation numbers down three times, and that the White House is relying on the earliest figures for their job-creation estimates.

Never mind that it is impossible to determine whether hundreds of thousands of workers really were “saved” by the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or whether the states would have funded those positions without federal assistance.

Never mind that economists are far from united in support of the Keynesian economics that are at the root of the stimulus bill, or that the vast majority of the money spent to maintain jobs in the short term will have to be repaid to China and other foreign nations in the long term with hefty interest payments.

The White House, it would appear, is not willing to suffer any criticism of their manufactured job-creation figures or voodoo economic forecasts. Indeed, Jared Bernstein, economic advisor to the president, has gone so far as to dismiss any attempt at auditing the official figures as “calculator abuse,” according to ABC News ( Repetition of the party line has become the chief qualification for any office in the Obama White House, while any respect for accountability or even the smallest doses of fiscal common sense have been tossed out the window.

When economic advisers decry the use of basic mathematics, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out something is afoot. Billions of dollars have been borrowed from China and labeled stimulus. Even the White House admits that most job creation has been in the state of California, which just happens to be the home of the democratic speaker of the house and several other of the president’s staunchest free-spending supporters. … It isn’t difficult to see through the smokescreen of hope and change and into the world of cronyism and corruption that President Obama has created.

Unwilling to stop with a nearly trillion dollar boondoggle under the name of stimulus, the White House in now promoting an equally expensive, or perhaps even more expensive, piece of legislation aimed at “reforming” health care through increased governmental spending and control. Unfortunately, with both houses of Congress held by large democratic majorities, it appears no one has the backbone to stand up to the president and tell him, once and for all, to get his hand out of the cookie jar and start building a sustainable economic future for America.


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