Registration 101

by Erica Mundell

Starting next week, the process of registration for winter and May terms begins. Registering for classes can involve getting up early, waiting in line for hours and scrambling to get course passes. To alleviate the stress of registering for classes somewhat, for both students and those working in the Registrar’s Office, Registrar Jim Mills has this advice to offer:

Get to your adviser early. Don’t wait until the last minute or you might be out in the cold.

Most people really don’t need to line up outside the door for hours on end. For most students, registration lasts about three minutes.

Keep an eye on course statuses. If a section fills, it’s best to have an alternative in mind before coming to register.

Be patient. Most people will get their first choices. But if you don’t, the Registrar’s Office will get you into courses that will move you forward in your degree program.

Be adventurous. Some students say, “I can’t take that. I don’t know anything about it.” Well, that’s the point.

A new feature this year will help first-years sign up for classes by having additional advising help available during their registration period. Those giving additional help will be Associate Dean of the College Kathleen Jagger, Associate Dean of Students Michael Covert and Dr. Mike Nichols.

“Ideally, one matches the exact number of class spots with the exact needs of students taking them,” said Mills. “The closer we come to this, the better we can manage instructional cost.”

Mills also addressed the issue of going to online registration. There have been discussions about this with the president, deans, faculty and students.

“We have the tools available to us to switch to an online method; however, we have decided not to for the time being,” said Mills.

“The primary arguments for online are issues of convenience. Using an online method, if a problem comes up, you would have to wait to contact someone if you need help in sorting things out. In the meantime, courses are closing up all around.” Because of this, the decision has been made to keep the original format. However, online registration is still open as an option.

The schedule for this week-long procedure can be found on Inside Transy in the “Academics” section.


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