SGA Discusses Next TU President

by Kim Rodgers

An open forum was held by the Student Government Association Wednesday night to reveal a list of SGA qualifications for the next president of Transylvania. The current president, Dr. Charles Shearer, announced his retirement on Oct. 24.

The list includes experience at a small undergraduate institution, in teaching and mentoring and in administrative leadership.

According to SGA’s list, the new candidate should also be globally aware, personable, innovative and flexible.

Sophomore April York offers her questions about Dr. Charles Shearer's potential replacement at the SGA open forum held yesterday.SGA wants the selection committee to follow four guidelines throughout the search: transparency, the placement of at least two students on the selection committee, visits by board members to the candidates’ current campus if financially feasible and the provision of an outlet for the search committee to hear general student body opinion.

Approximately 50 students attended the discussion. SGA president Jacob Brumfield was the moderator, and there was considerable discussion by the students.

Brumfield also revealed that the two students potentially sitting on the selection committee will be chosen from SGA senators.

“SGA senators are elected to represent the student body, so we feel it’s appropriate for those students to represent the students on the board,” Brumfield said.

Brumfield also said that the identity of the candidates will not be released until the final candidates have been selected.

“Once their names are released, candidates will come to meet the faculty and student body, and gauge if they connect with the student body,” Brumfield said.


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