Letter to the Editor: Response to Matthew Hardin’s “Beshear Abuses Office By Supporting Gambling”

by Brad Mclean ’07
Contributing Writer

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Mathew Hardin’s piece in the Rambler on Oct. 29 concerning casino gambling. As a graduate of Transylvania University and a registered lobbyist in the state of Kentucky, I take great offense at Hardin’s attempt to smear my profession and supporters of expanded gaming.

Unfortunately, it appears Hardin knows little of the lobbying profession or the governor’s plan to implement expanded gaming. As a lobbyist for the horse industry, I can assure you that my partners and I who are fighting for the issue have done so in the most ethical and legal way possible. Hardin failed to mention that Kentucky has one of the nation’s strongest ethics laws governing lobbyists.

Further, Hardin failed to investigate the true composition of the legislation. Instead, he spent his time referencing YouTube clips of Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo and talking about the governor’s appointments of current Senate leaders.

First, please present the evidence that these clips are genuine. Second, please explain to me how the governor’s actions are an abuse of his office. Lastly, anyone who has taken the time to read the legislation knows how many people it positively affects. It gives funding for schools that desperately need new infrastructure. It creates revenue for a state with a large budget deficit. And it creates jobs. All the while, it provides aid to Kentucky’s failing signature industry.

Mr. Hardin’s article is what is wrong with the right-wing media today. Please take the time to research the claims you make and study the issues before you decide to rail against our government and its processes. As it turns out, you might actually be a little off base.

Brad McLean ’07


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