Professors Make Room For New Additions

by Jessica Gordon

It’s a boy! And look, there’s a girl, too! Recently, two members of the Transylvania faculty brought new life into the world. Professor of English Kremina Todorova is now the proud mother of her son, Nicholas Todorov Butler, and Professor of Mathematics Kim Jenkins is happily surprised with the arrival of her daughter, Madeline Nicole Jenkins. Both were kind enough to share the stories behind their new bundles of joy.

Kremena Todorova will be taking time off next term to spend time with her son, Nicholas.Kremina Todorova thought having a second child would be quite a stretch. She imagined herself probably having only one child. After all, in her native country, Bulgaria, that was the norm. However, after giving it some thought, Todorova and her husband planned for their second child.

Todorova got to name her firstborn, Elena Todorova Butler, so her husband got to name the second.

“I didn’t particularly like the name Nicholas, but now I love it,” said Todorova.

During her pregnancy, Todorova said that her child went to more drag shows than most people go to in their entire lives. Todorova was photographing drag queens for a project she was working on in collaboration with Professor of Art Kurt Gohde called “Passing.” When Todorova found out it was a boy, she had a running joke with the performers she photographed.

“It’s a little boy! He’s going to come out in drag!” Todorova would exclaim.

Nicholas was born Oct. 12 at 5:25 p.m. He weighed six pounds, six ounces and was 20 inches long.

Todorova said Nicholas is a healthy baby and doing very well so far. She also said big sister Elena loves him very much and constantly gives him kisses.Todorova plans to go on maternity leave next term. Maternity leave means one of two options at Transy. The first is the professor teaches one class, or part time, in winter term and does not return for May term. The second is the professor does not return for winter term and works full time in May term.

Todorova intends to do the first option for the sake of keeping some normalcy and staying in touch with Transy.

Kim Jenkins was almost sure she couldn’t have children. Jenkins said this didn’t make her unhappy. She said she had a wonderfully loving family with her husband and stepdaughter.

Then, she said, “God decided he had a sense of humor,” and Jenkins found herself expecting. Happily surprised, she began planning for the baby’s arrival.

However, even the arrival was unexpected. Jenkins’ water broke while she was in her office on campus.

“It was a shock,” said Jenkins. “She came three weeks early.”

She came so unexpectedly that Jenkins and her husband didn’t have a name for the baby until the day before they left the hospital. Until then, they called her “Baby J” or “Pumpkin” because she was born so close to Halloween.

Madeline Nicole Jenkins was born Oct. 17 at 7:35 a.m, five days after Nicholas. She weighed seven pounds, seven ounces and was 19 inches long.

Jenkins is on leave for three weeks, and then she will be back to finish up the term. Jenkins plans to also go on maternity leave next term. She will be taking off winter term and returning for May term.

Jenkins said in May term, proud big sister Stephanie will babysit Madeline. Stephanie is a first-year at Transylvania.

“She’d be upset if anyone else did it,” said Jenkins. “I think she might know more about babies than I do right now!”

Jenkins said that Madeline is doing well. Most nights both baby and mommy are getting good sleep.

“It’s been fun! Madeline’s been so much fun, and I’m glad my job is flexible to allow for children.”

Congratulations to the both of them!


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