SGA Recommends Two Students For Search Committee

by Grace Chambers
Melissa True

At yesterday’s Student Government Association full senate meeting, juniors Grant Buckles and Jessica Beard were nominated from a pool of three candidates to serve on the presidential search committee to find Dr. Charles Shearer’s successor.

Buckles and Beard will be presented by SGA president Jacob Brumfield to Transylvania’s Chairman of the Board William T. Young for consideration. Young may then choose one of the two students to serve on the presidential search committee.

At the meeting, Brumfield relayed information given to him by Young, including that the presidential search committee will be comprised of 11-12 members, including one student and two faculty members.

In a resolution ratified by the senate and sent to Young, SGA recommended that two students be chosen to serve on the board and that they both be from the class of 2011. However, Young informed Brumfield that only one student could serve on the committee.

Brumfield also said that Young is “looking for someone who both represents the student body and whose communication skills will hold up in interactions with diverse groups of people.”

Brumfield will report the senate’s recommendations of Buckles and Beard to Young today. Brumfield stressed that these are merely recommendations and that the ultimate decision lies with Young.

Buckles said that he hopes the new president will improve Transy’s academic environment and student life.

“If selected to serve on this committee I will be the only formal student representative in the search process; therefore it is crucial that I gain a wide range of input and feedback from students for this important decision-making process,” Buckles said.

Beard also offered her hopes for Shearer’s successor, saying that he or she should be personable and adequately represent the student body and faculty.

Beard said being personable is important because “it affects all that the person will do in office.”

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