Faculty Discusses Salaries

by Jessica Gordon

Transylvania’s faculty met on Tuesday for an open discussion of a survey concerning faculty salaries. Professor of Economics Dr. Volkan Cetinkaya presented the results of the survey at the meeting.

A couple of debates arose during the meeting, including one about a gender gap in salary.

Cetinkaya said that the data showed an “obvious gap,” between the salaries of male and female professors. Women seemed to receive less compensation than men.

Yet, when the data is broken down, gender may not be as much of an influencing factor for salary levels as much as rank. Salary rates are determined by rank, which is calculated by the length of time working at Transy, education level and whether the faculty member is an associate, assistant or full-time professor. Total compensation by rank at Transy depends on many variables, such as health and life insurance.

Cetinkaya noted that the Transy data is “very sensitive,” meaning that because Transy has only 81 faculty members, a relatively small number, any small change may dramatically affect the data.

Quite a few professors believe it may be necessary to look into the hiring practices and retention rates of female faculty members.

When discussing faculty salary rates overall, Cetinkaya said that inflation rates in the U.S. have not affected Transy as much as they could have. An approximately one percent decrease in pay resulted from the inflation.

Also, according to Benchmark Institutions, Transy is doing comparatively well overall for faculty payment. In comparison to 11 other comparable universities Transy pays the third highest amount on average for full time faculty members, third for associate and first for assistant.


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