Smoking Survey Results In

by Kim Rodgers

The results of an online survey designed to poll campus opinion concerning Transylvania’s potential tobacco ban will be released Dec. 1.

“I have no idea how much the results of the survey will influence the final decision about the tobacco ban, but the survey results will be fully disclosed,” said Ashley Hinton-Moncer, Transy’s director of fitness and wellness and chair of the committee in charge of investigating the pros and cons of a possible ban.

Hinton-Moncer said the results hadn’t been fully tallied yet, but 593 people had taken the survey. She was still waiting for a handful of people to complete the survey, including Transy’s maintenance crew.

“Twenty-five percent of the people who completed the survey smoke,” she remarked. “The estimated number of smokers on campus is 24 percent, so in that respect the survey was pretty representational.”

Hinton-Moncer said she felt the survey had obtained accurate and helpful information from those who participated. She said she has received positive feedback concerning the survey and only one negative e-mail.

“I urge everyone to come hear the results of the survey on Dec. 1 at open hour,” she said.

Hinton Moncer emphasized that she still has no idea whether the tobacco ban will ever be a reality.

“I could easily spend months working on this, and then find out it’s not happening,” she explained.


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