Tattoos Becoming Trendy At Transy

by Melissa True

The room was literally buzzing, and heavy metal music played in the background of HorseShoe Tattoo Parlor as first-year Jack Ellenberger climbed into the chair and under the needle.

He did not seem at all apprehensive.

“I’ve seen a lot of my friends get them,” Ellenberger said. “That’s why I’m not too nervous. I know it’s going to hurt, but I think I can handle it.”

Dr. Lomonaco commented on the increasing commercialism of tattoo and body art, saying, “They were supposed to be underground, now they’ve become mainstream. It’s a multimillion dollar industry.”
Tattoos seem to have become a kind of fashion statement, popularized by celebrities and popular tattoo designers like Ed Hardy and Kat Von D.

“The body is a site of consumerism. Just like we buy a pair of shoes, now we buy this kind of permanent decoration,” said Lomonaco.

Sophomore Melissa Boyce’s tattoo is the result of around 10 sessions, 1 1/2 to 3 hours long each, with tattoo artist Joe King at Bleed Blue Tattoo and Piercing.

Boyce’s tattoo is located on her upper left thigh and features an “Alice in Wonderland” theme.

“I really liked ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when I was a kid. I felt like I ascribed to it a little because I was rather imaginative as a child. I would basically go off into my own little ‘Wonderland’ in school,” said Boyce.

Boyce cautions that getting a tattoo is not for everyone and urges those interested in getting tattooed to research and talk to different artists. She calls it a very personal experience.

“Find somebody that you’re comfortable with, and whose art you really like, and just work with them,” said Boyce.

Boyce spent the long sessions talking to the artist, reading, doing homework and people watching. She even fell asleep during one of the sessions.

Boyce also plans to get a full sleeve tattoo – one that reaches from her wrist to her shoulder – sometime in the future that is themed around “Little Red Riding Hood.”

Caldwell also advises those looking to get tattoos to do their research.

“That’s one of the most important things in getting a tattoo. Make sure the person knows how to do it.”

“I would imagine that the average Transy student gets the drive-by tattoo,” said Lomonaco, referring to the kind of “spring break tattoo” that isn’t planned before hand. “I’d say about 25 percent of the students I’ve talked to about their tattoos regret getting them.”

Lomonaco warned that laser removal of tattoos isn’t very effective.

“I always try to advise against getting the names of boyfriends or girlfriends,” she added.

Ellenberger was pretty pleased with his own tattoo and said, “Oh, my God, it’s awesome. She’s a great artist. I have a lot of respect.”


One Response to Tattoos Becoming Trendy At Transy

  1. While at one point tattoos were more well-liked by men, in recent years tattoos have becoming increasingly popular with girls as well.

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