Young Picks Committee

by Jake Hawkins

On Nov. 18 Chairman of the Board, William T. Young Jr. announced the names of those selected to serve in the Presidential Search Committee to find Dr. Charles Shearer’s successor as president of Transylvania University. The committee will consist of 14 people from multiple campus constituencies, including two faculty members

On Nov.12 Transylvania Faculty met in the basement of MFA to select two representatives for the and one student. Dr. Jack Furlong and Dr. Nancy Wolsk were chosen to serve on the committee.

According to the Presiding Officer, Dr. Sharon Brown, the faculty was asked to email in nominations of colleagues before the meeting on the 12th. Those nominated were then contacted and asked to accept or decline the nomination.

After this process was completed, 23 faculty members were on the ballot presented at the start of the faculty meeting. Faculty members were then asked to pick eight from that list. Those results were tallied, and the faculty were then asked to rank the final eight, with one being the most desirable to serve on the search committee and eight being the least desirable.

Brown spoke on behalf of the faculty, “We were hoping to have representation on the [Presidential Search] committee instead of having faculty appointed by the administration. The fact that we get to appoint our own representation is actually a really important process for most of the faculty.”

Dr. David Shannon was also appointed to serve on the committee by Young. Brown speaking on behalf of the faculty approved of this appointment.

When asked if he would look for any particular quality in a president Furlong said “I consider myself a representative of the faculty …What [Dr. Wolsk and I] need to do is have the faculty tell us what we want.”

Both Furlong and Brown spoke of the importance of creating a list of qualities to search for in a presidential candidate.

Such a list has already been created by the Student Government Association. Furlong has reviewed the recommendations set forth by SGA.

“I don’t see much to disagree with… It seems to me the students were the first to ask ‘How do we want the procedure done?’ and [the students] have a right to voice their opinion. What the procedure will be, and what qualities we would want in a president, I think, is something we will all need, as a community, to work out,” said Furlong

Furlong also added, in regards to the SGA recommendations “The students were admirably and efficiently ahead of the game.”

Wolsk was unavailable for comment.


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