Cheers & Jeers

by Chase Pugh

Welcome back after an all-too-short Thanksgiving break. This is the last edition of the Rambler for the term so I hope you enjoy.

Cheers to the men’s soccer team. They made it to the Elite 8 for the first time in university history and gave us a good reason to make a road trip to Pittsburg. Unfortunately, driving to Pittsburg from Lexington is one of the most boring things a human being can do.

Jeers to the final two weeks of the semester. There’s nothing more depressing than coming back to school 10 pounds heavier only to be hit with all four term papers due in the same week.

Jeers to the movement trying to get rid of books in the Jessamine County Public Library. Believing some books are too graphic to check out, some people are trying to ban books from the library for the “good of society.” If this sounds familiar, it should – the Nazis did it.

Jeers to “New Moon.” When are we going to make it illegal to bombard preteen girls with mindless entertainment that does nothing but numb people’s minds? I’m talking to you too, Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.

Cheers to whoever had the sign at the Kentucky-Tennessee game that said, “I want to strip mine Rocky Top.” Now, I would normally never encourage the destruction of Mother Earth, but everyone who is not a Volunteer fan feels this way, I’m sure. Come on, it’s not even your official fight song.

Jeers to finding a copy of “Going Rogue” in your grandparents’ car.

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