Lexington Police Chase Car Thief Through Campus

Staff Report

Lexington police chased an unknown male through Rosenthal Courtyard on Tuesday evening. Although the man was Tasered and later apprehended, it raised some alarm for residents of Rosenthal and Pool Halls.

According to Lieutenant Richard Bottoms, the man was driving down Broadway when an officer ran his license plate and discovered that the car was stolen. The officer was waiting to pull over the man until backup arrived but before this could happen the unknown driver took off.

The man ended up on Transylvania’s campus after he abandoned the car on Kenilworth Court and fled on foot through Rosenthal Courtyard. The police Tasered the man but said it did not seem to have much of an effect. The man eventually was arrested on the 4th Street side of Rosenthal. Several police cars, an ambulance and a fire truck responded.

Jonathan Kelly, a junior and Rosenthal resident, was walking to work when he saw some of the events taking place. “I saw an officer chase a man around a corner of a Rosenthal building and yell for him to stop,” said Kelly. “The officer tasered him to the ground, and then other officers showed up.”

Junior Julie Lutes, a Rosenthal resident, heard yelling outside her dorm. Lutes assumed it was just fraternity members making the noise, but she looked outside her window to see for sure.

“Instead, a cop ran by, yelling and swearing at whoever he was chasing. After that, I saw a man being arrested in the side lot of Rosenthal. The cops were also keeping people inside,” Lutes said.

According to senior Liz Lane, a resident adviser who was on duty at the time, RAs were told by Transy’s Department of Public Safety to “stay out of it” because it involved the Lexington police.

“I feel like, as an RA, I should have been told what was going on,” said Lane. “This was happening close to where my residents live. I know that people come in and out of Rosenthal, and lot of people keep their doors unlocked during the day. It could have been dangerous. Students turn to me for answers. If I can’t give them, what will they do?”

Director of Residence Life Robert Brown commented, “The situation was no threat to the students; otherwise, they would have been notified.”

DPS initially refused to comment on the incident but later referred the Rambler to the Lexington police.


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