Transylvanian Uses Surprise Ads

by J. R. Enderle

While most student organization advertising usually consists of a few fliers posted around campus, the Transylvanian has been using some untraditional methods.

On Nov. 23 members of the Transylvanian staff took to the classrooms. They dispatched remote control vehicles plastered with signs telling students to submit to the Transylvanian, the campus literary and art journal.

After maneuvering around for a few minutes, during which time students were left wondering what was going on, a Transylvanian representative entered and discussed what the Transylvanian is and how students and faculty can get involved.

The journal is the oldest university literary journal west of the Allegheny Mountains.

It was started in 1829 for two years of publication, revived briefly in 1837 and finally established in October 1891, after which it would be published continually, though not in its current form.

Throughout the journal’s early years, in the absence of a newspaper, submissions included literary work as well as editorials about issues of the day like tobacco usage, Woodrow Wilson, World War I, coeducation of the sexes and the construction of a new gymnasium, which was built in 1894.

Following the establishment of the campus newspaper, The Crimson Rambler, in 1915 the focus shifted to literary pursuits, and the journal continued to evolve into the publication it is today.

This guerrilla advertising event is one of a series intended to get the word out about this publication.
“The goal is to have an event every month,” said junior Erika Lindström, a member of the Transylvanian staff.

Students may remember the reverse trick-or-treating event that occurred last month. A film festival, still in the works, is tentatively planned for February.

Editor Shannon Baldo, a junior, is committed to making the Transylvanian more visible on campus this year. Baldo said that in past years not as many students have submitted to the Transylvanian as she would like. The goal is for more of campus to get involved.

“We want everybody to be a part of it,” said Lindström. “This is your literary journal.”

Baldo agreed and believes the Transylvanian benefits the larger campus community.

“One of the big goals is that we want to encourage the creative voice of the community,” she remarked.

Submitted artwork can be almost any medium, and the staff is careful to point out that the journal is meant to be a fun publication which everyone can enjoy.

“The Transylvanian is all about creativity and fun,” said Baldo.

The staff encourages eligible people to submit anything creative. The review process is done anonymously so submitters needn’t be self conscious about the evaluation of their work

Artwork from students, faculty and alumni can be submitted in a number of ways. Those interested in submission information may contact by e-mail or any member of the staff. The Transylvanian will also professionally photograph any piece that needs its picture taken for inclusion. The winter deadline for submission is Dec. 13 but pieces can also be turned in next semester.


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