Player of the Week: Tim Tierney

by Abby Ferguson

Earlier this month the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference named senior Tim Tierney Player of the Week. In his senior season, Tierney has shown his leadership on the court by contributing to his team wherever he can.

Tim Tierney continues to make his mark in Transy's history during his senior season.

At the College of Wooster Kiwanis Classic, Tierney scored 25 points against Washington University in Saint Louis. This game proved to be a successful test for the men, who squeezed out a four-point victory, 73-69.

“We saw this game as a great opportunity to show the nation that we are a team who is capable of competing at a high level, and beating Wash. U. did just that,” said Tierney. “They are a great team, and we knew going in that we had to play solid basketball, and it was a game that was very easy to get pumped for.”

The win over Washington University was a great example of not only the strength and ability of the whole team but also Tierney’s individual talent. His strong performance against a nationally ranked team gave the men a boost going into the rest of the season.

Tierney knows that he has a job to do every time he steps on the court, and that has given the men momentum.

“Tim is creeping closer to the 1,000-point club,” Head Coach Brian Lane said. “He has been shooting and scoring well, but in the last few games his assists have gone up dramatically as well.”

With Tierney getting closer to the 1,000-point club, he has shown himself in each game to be a well-rounded player, and his contributions have led the men to several exciting wins.

Tierney’s strong performances did not stop with the Washington University game; he also came out strong in Transylvania’s 72-63 win at home over Mount Union College. This game also marked a new career high for Tierney, who finished with 28 points. Not only that, but for the third game in a row he was the team’s leading scorer.

With his impressive stats and talent Tierney has the ability to lead his team to a successful end of the season.


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