SGA Funds Allow TUnity To Host CTK

by Melissa True

Last night TUnity received $2,150 in funding from Transylvania’s Student Government Association to host the annual “Come Together Kentucky,” a conference for Kentucky’s gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and questioning collegiate community. The event will include a series of forums, panel discussions and activities aimed at promoting diversity.

“I think it will look really great for Transy’s two-year-old GLTBQ organization to host this event,” said TUnity president Daniel Cooper.

Participants from nine universities across the state will attend the conference, with events taking place April 16-18. CTK will include forums on topics such as sexual health.

CTK will also incorporate a drag show like the one co-hosted by TUnity and Transylvania professors Kurt Gohde and Dr. Kremena Todorova during winter term 2009. The event sold out last year, and over 300 people were turned away. This time the event will be held in Haggin Auditorium to allow for a larger capacity. Tickets will be sold for $3 and any profits made from the event will benefit Aids Volunteers Inc. (AVOL), a nonprofit organization that promotes HIV and AIDS awareness.

Comedian Brian Emler will be the event’s keynote speaker. Other speakers will include transgender lawyer Tara Allison and Transylvania professors Dr. Ellen Cox and Dr. Carole Barnsley. There will also be a panel discussion regarding religion and its effects on the GLTBQ rights movement.

First-year student and TUnity member Alex Chesser said, “As a prospective student, I was really excited to be involved in TUnity, and I’m really grateful that we will be able to hold such a monumental event for the GLTBQ community here at Transy.”

TUnity members are anticipating over 150 people to be in attendance. There will be a $15 registration fee to attend the conference.


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