Athlete of the Week: Laura Clark

by Abby Ferguson

For Transylvania’s women’s swim team, first-year Laura Clark has played an important role in the teams’ success this season. Clark is not only a swimmer but also is the only diver on the team.

First-year Laura Clark's gymnastics background has lent to her success as a swimmer.

In the meet against Lindsey Wilson College, which was also Senior Day, Clark earned a win by placing first in 1-meter diving with a score of 194.33. This score marked her highest score to date. Clark also won the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:03.65, four seconds faster than the swimmer behind her.

“The Lindsey Wilson meet was a perfect closing meet. Everyone swam hard and preformed well,” said Clark.

Head Coach George Villarreal added, “While most of the team took a bit of an edge off their performances, Laura continued to post great times, which just shows how competitive she is. There really isn’t any backing down in her, and that’s a great attribute.”

Clark’s strong will is not the only reason for her success.

“She has a gymnastics background, which has translated very well to her learning diving,” Villarreal said.

This background has helped Clark excel in diving, and become a well-rounded swimmer, too.

“We noticed in practice that she has a strong backstroke, and that has really taken in with more training,” Villarreal continued. “In fact, she has posted the team’s fastest times in the sprint backstrokes and may lead off our relays at the conference championships.”  

Villarreal said that the best is yet to come in Clark’s career.

“I think she’s really responded to the training, and I think we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of her talents and abilities in the pool. She has the potential to be an incredible swimmer, and she’s well on her way,” said Villarreal.  

Clark said that she feels positively about her first season in college and is also happy about the success the team is having as a whole.

“This has been a great first season to my college swimming career. We have (swum) in many close meets and I am very proud of my team as a whole,” said Clark.


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