Fitness Corner

by Danielle Smith

Do you need a break? Does your mind feel like it could explode from the daily stressors of college life? With midterms approaching I feel sure everyone is beginning to wear down mentally. If you are experiencing these midterm blues, come reconnect your mind and body with 40 minutes of yoga.

Yoga was derived from Hindu practices designed to allow individuals to broaden their spiritual side and gain a greater understanding of the nature of their existence. Yoga is a very unique workout; it allows you to accomplish many fitness goals all at once. It is a mixture of cardio, strength and flexibility. Yoga allows you to work out hard while staying in a relaxed state, which makes you feel rejuvenated once the class is over.

It will benefit all types of individuals, from runners to bikers and horseback riders to bodybuilders. It is also a good exercise for those of us who need low-impact workouts. Yoga is all about body poses and movement; from “Warrior I” to “Half Lord of the Fish” poses you are sure to experience something unique and exciting. Each pose is meant to be challenging and force you to stretch and move parts of your body you may not even know existed.

Yoga helps your mind unwind, allowing your brain to take a recess. Yoga is the perfect activity for stressful weeks that are full of papers, tests and meetings. It is a discipline that is hard for everyone at first; do not get discouraged after your first class. As with anything it takes practice to become fluid with your movements and one with yourself. Yoga can make you limber, stronger and more centered on a daily basis while also correcting any bad posture you may have.

Yoga is a group fitness class that is offered on Tuesday afternoons during open hour, 12:10-12:50 p.m. Come allow your body to experience a unique workout while your mind gets a well-needed break.

And to those participating in the fitness challenge, remember that yoga counts as a group fitness class.


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