Gaming Society Organizes at TU

by Quincy Williams

Thursday night at Transylvania is now game night.

The recently formed Transylvania Gaming Society will meet in Rosenthal Commons at 9 p.m. each week for fun, games and camaraderie.

Sophomore Daisy Gilpin is a member of the newly formed Transylvania Gaming Society, which meets on Thursday nights.

The games at the meetings include strategy card games, board games and video games. At the meeting last Thursday, members played chess, a card game and Super Castlevania IV on the Wii. Apples to Apples and an educational game made by member Daisey Gilpin were also there.

The group’s founder, sophomore Wade McGrath, said he was inspired to start the group out of boredom. Grant Newton and Julion Cowen were also very influential in the founding of the Transy Gaming Society. Professor of computer science Dr. Kenny Moorman is the group’s faculty adviser.

“I felt that there was no group on campus to cater to the nerd community,” McGrath said.

Transylvania Gaming Society meets Thursday at 9 p.m. in Rosenthal Commons.

Casey Berry said she heard about the Gaming Society from Wade and the group’s Facebook page.

“It’s a lot of fun. Last week we played Citadels (a card game), Super Smash Brothers Brawl and strategy card games,” said Berry.

Gilpin, a sophomore education major, uses the club as an opportunity to try out games for her education classes. Gilpin said she also joined the group just out of fun.

“It’s a good place to learn a variety of games,” Berry said further.

McGrath said that the club has 13 official members and hopes to grow. Any one is welcome to attend.

McGrath said that the meetings are very informal and members are welcome to any and all new games. The club is about playing people’s favorite games, no matter the medium, and sharing them as a group.


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