SGA Proposes Curfew-Free Weekends

Staff Report

The Student Government Association passed a recommendation to abolish curfew on Fridays and Saturdays and extend curfew to 2 a.m. Sundays through Thursdays in Transylvania’s residence halls.

Quiet hours would still be enforced by Resident Advisers at 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

According to the proposal sent by SGA to Dean of Students Michael Vetter, “these modifications purport to enhance the quality of Transylvania’s residential environment.”

Current curfew policy states that men must leave women’s residence halls and vice versa by 2 a.m. on the weekends and midnight on the weekdays.

The recommendation was presented yesterday at the full Senate meeting by Student Life Committee Chair Jessica Beard.

Beard and SGA President Jacob Brumfield stressed that the administration has to approve the recommendation before it goes into effect.

“This is just a recommendation. This is us saying we would like this. Ultimately it would be up to Dean Vetter, Dr. (Charles) Shearer or other appropriate parties,” Brumfield said.

Beard said that if the administration approves SGA’s recommendation, a trial period for the proposed curfew policy would be instated for the fall 2010 term. After the trial period, the administration would then decide whether to make SGA’s recommendation Transy’s permanent curfew policy.

Surveys conducted by SGA and Resident Life staff last year reflected that the student body would be in favor of changes to the current curfew policy.

Head Adviser Alicia Winans said that her biggest concern about the proposed curfew policy would be the safety of anyone on the hall because RAs would have no way of monitoring visitors, and, in case of an emergency, they wouldn’t know how many people to evacuate. However, Winans said that she did not think it was necessarily a bad idea to change the current curfew policy but that alternative safety measures should possibly be added to the recommendation.

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