Coach of the Week: Casey Dale

by Abby Ferguson

In the past year, Transylvania has produced athletes that have been recognized for their athletic achievements, but these are not the only ones receiving accolades. Transy’s coaches are also getting recognized for their success.

Head Coach Casey Dale is only one of three Division III coaches named a top coach under age 30 by the AVCA in 2010.

The American Volleyball Coaches Association has named Casey Dale, women’s volleyball head coach, one of the nation’s top coaches under 30.

“It is quite an honor to be recognized with this award,” said Dale. “There are a lot of good coaches who have been recognized with this award, and to be grouped with these individuals is something I am proud of.”

After being an assistant at Washington and Lee University last year, Dale came to Transy in 2009 and helped the team to a 13-19 record.

According to sophomore Rebecca Luking, “(Coach) Casey really knows what he is talking about when it comes to volleyball. He has been on a lot of winning teams and knows what it takes to get to that level.”

This is only the second year that the AVCA has chosen a top coach under the age of 30. For coaches to qualify for this award they must be a member of AVCA and under age 30 in 2010. Only three NCAA Division III coaches were on the list, and Dale was one of them.

As head coach, Dale has several goals that include winning a conference championship, being “recognized as among the best, if not the best, team in our conference,” competing for a national championship and being seen as one of the top teams nationally.

Dale said he knows that these things take time but that Transy has the potential to reach these goals. While Dale was at Juniata College, he played on four Division III national championship teams.

“We can accomplish this at Transylvania, as well. We have all the ingredients necessary to eventually compete on a national level,” Dale said.

“Now that Casey has made it through the first year, he will know what changes need to be made to make our program succeed,” said Luking.

Dale added that he knows there is more than just success on the court. He said he wants his players to succeed in the classroom and in other areas of life, as well.

“Even though we are trying to build a successful volleyball program here at Transylvania, I think we are also trying to build successful student-athletes,” said Dale. “One of our main priorities is to be the best in the classroom and to be known on campus as successful people as well as great volleyball players. I want my players to take a leadership role in campus activities as well as on the playing floor.”

Dale said that being the head coach is an “awesome feeling” and “the tradition that this school has prided itself on is something that I am proud of.”

Dale also said, “(I’m) happy about the attention the award brings to Transylvania University and to our volleyball program. … It feels like I have been the head coach here at Transy longer than seven months, and I think that is because we have accomplished so much in this time period.”


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