Fitness Corner

by James Harding
Contributing Writer

Are you tired of waiting in a crowded gym to get your workout in? Are you looking for a way to really exercise your whole body? If so, you need to check out the TRX suspension trainers in the Beck Center. There is one available for checkout in the fitness center (just ask the friendly workers at the desk), as well as a permanent one on the track.

Developed by the U.S. Navy SEALs, the TRX suspension trainer offers a unique exercise experience. Unlike the larger machines in the fitness center, the TRX utilizes one’s own bodyweight as resistance when exercising. This allows for a more intense whole-body workout than do traditional machines.

There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do with the TRX. Several of these exercises are featured on the instructional pamphlet attached to the TRX on the track. One of these resembles a push-up, only you grasp the handles to decline and push back up.

Yet another exercise – the suspended crunch – can also be performed using the TRX suspension trainer. To perform this exercise, simply assume the basic push-up position. After doing this, suspend your legs by placing them in the heavy-duty straps. Next, pull your legs in toward your body, then extend them again. If done properly, you will feel the muscles in your legs, abs and shoulders all at once. It initially takes some acclimation, but in time the exercise will become more fluid and smooth.

Another feature of the TRX is its ability to assist you in engaging in a metabolic workout. A metabolic workout is simply a workout in which fat and calories are burned, muscle is built, and muscular endurance and metabolism are increased, even after the initial workout has been completed. Some metabolic exercises you can do with the TRX include atomic push-ups, balance lunges and side planks; there are many more. See the pamphlet on the track for more information.

So if you want to do something new to get into shape before spring break, come to the Beck Center and give the TRX suspension trainers the old college try.


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