Black History Month Concludes

by Jake Hawkins

February is Black History Month, and the month-long celebration and recognition of African-American achievements has been marked with several events sponsored by Transylvania’s newly formed Black Student Alliance (BSA) with help from the Diversity Action Council (DAC).

The BSA, formed last term, is “a leadership organization comprised of African-American students working together to enhance the cultural, intellectual and personal growth of students in the Transylvania community,” BSA president Kennedy Barnes said.

Tonight at 7 p.m. in the Campus Center Canteen, DAC and BSA will be working together to sponsor “Diversity Dialogues,” a discussion around the chosen theme of “Making the Connection: The Power of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in the Lives of African-American Males.” The dialogue will be led by Tiffany Wheeler, a professor in Transy’s education department.

Throughout the month of February, BSA has used the cafeteria as a venue for an African-American spotlight. Several high achievers from the black community were highlighted on fliers placed at the front of the cafeteria. In addition, candy was handed out with factoids attached to the wrapper detailing their achievements.

BSA and DAC also cosponsored a movie night where they presented, “The Secret Life of Bees.”

Both Barnes and Diversity Action Council Co-President Quanta Taylor offered their personal views on the importance of Black History Month.

“It is a great reminder of the progress and successes that African Americans have achieved dating from one hundred years back and further. Despite being presented with many challenges and barriers to overcome, given our history’s past, it is amazing to see the perseverance, strength and hope that African Americans have possessed throughout it all,” says Barnes. “I personally think that Black History Month is not given as much attention as it rightly deserves.”

“I have mixed feelings about the month… It bothers me that it seems that the only times in which African Americans are main stream is during this month,” Taylor said.

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