Letter to the Editor: Response to the Feb. 26 Edition of Kydd U. Naught

Dear Editor,

I am sure that this is not the only letter that has been received this week in response to the abrasive and incredibly disappointing Kydd U. Naught article published in last week’s Rambler.

Though normally a light-hearted, slightly off-color, and entertaining opinion piece, I felt that the article was truly a slap in the face to the multitude of hardworking biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science majors that make up a vibrant part of Transylvania’s community. Since when has cheapening the academic value of any division of study been part of a strong liberal arts atmosphere?

Naught’s opinion consisted of nothing but gross generalizations about students who happened to have committed huge amounts of time and effort into a field of study that requires far more than just “memorization of formulas.” Speaking as a student who has two majors – one in the humanities and the other in natural science – I am happy to say that I use the same skill set of active, critical thinking and writing in both divisions. I choose not to directly address the generalizations presented in the article, as these generalizations can only be countered by more generalizations, an inherently flawed form of argument. However, I will state that I am saddened by the vindictive nature of the article, and am surprised that such a flawed, ignorant argument fundamentally opposed to the values of a liberal arts institution would be published in the Rambler.

–Emily Dobbs ’11


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