by Holly Brown

Two campus organizations at Transylvania are currently advancing student projects with the aid of recent funding from the Student Government Association.

Transy’s radio station WTLX will receive $1,600 from SGA to assist with its plan to launch an online broadcast. Transy Boys A Capella (TBA) will receive $1,640, which will go toward producing their new album.

Junior Jessica Short, the SGA treasurer, said that she supports SGA’s decision to fund these initiatives, saying that “both of the groups have done their research.”

Short also noted that both of these projects have been years in the making, and that both groups have put significant efforts into lowering the costs of reaching their goals.

“The potential in terms of campus impact is incredible,” said Dr. Scott Whiddon about WTLX’s plan to join an association of online college radios. “For the past 3 1/2 years, WTLX has only been available to on-campus residents via carrier current broadcast, an antiquated technology at best. Via this new web stream … on- and off-campus residents as well as faculty and staff will be able to listen – and at a higher sound quality, too! ”

WTLX initially requested $1,000 from SGA to cover the discounted legal fees offered to the group by a local lawyer who is sympathetic to the project, whose work will be instrumental to ensuring that the online station would not infringe on copyright laws and be entirely legitimate. However, upon seeing the work that the group had put into reducing their costs and finding money from other sources, SGA decided to give WTLX an additional $600 to cover a one-time starter fee for the online station.
“It’s a big stress relief for me,” said junior Alex Keys, WTLX’s director of programming, referring to the additional funding.

The organization hopes that the online station will be running by May term this year, and it will be accessible to all Transy students through Transy’s online network.

“The potential that (the online format) holds for the future of WTLX is astounding and I can’t wait to see what happens after I graduate,” said senior Liz Lane, the station promotions chair.

SGA’s funding will also assist TBA in the mastering and production of an album.

While some outside help from Disc Makers is required to make the album a professional product, senior Kris Olson, TBA’s music director and business manager, feels that this work is otherwise very much a collaborative effort among the Transy community.

Dr. Timothy Polashek’s audio recording technology class is recording the CD as a term project free of charge. Junior Jodi Brashear has offered her services as photographer for the album’s art cover, and graphic designer Barbara Grinnell has volunteered to take care of the CD’s cover and insert layout.

“It speaks to TBA’s increasing notoriety that a lot of people are interested in contributing to the project,” Olson said.

SGA’s stipulation before granting TBA’s funding was that the organization must seek out other methods of funding and that the first batch of albums must be distributed to the Transy community free of charge. This distribution will take place in the Campus Center at the group’s annual concert on May 5 at 7:30 p.m.

The group said they hope to see a good crowd at the event and are excited about this new step.

“TBA is not just the group that sings in lobbies anymore,” Olson said. “We’re becoming a very reputable group both on campus and in the larger Lexington community. This CD is going to further legitimize our work.”

After noting what is to be accomplished for the groups who have received funding, Short said, “While SGA would love to support every organization on campus, it is important that organizations come to us with requests that we can fund according to the bylaws (of the SGA constitution). It’s not that we don’t want to help out, but we have a limited budget and we want to spread it far to help a variety of projects and organizations.”

Short also recommended that organizations do their best to seek outside funding.

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