And The Candidates Are… (Secretary)

These are the following candidates who are running for secretary in the SGA election

Alex Keys:

Students of Transylvania University: If you don’t know me, I’m Alex Keys, class of 2011, and I am running for the position of secretary for the 2010-2011 Student Government Association.

As the election approaches, I am excited to be running against two worthy candidates. Kelsey Truman, a good friend of mine, is a dedicated new member of the Transy community. Josh Edge is an active and important member of several organizations and movements on campus, a role I can appreciate. It is with much respect that I promote myself as a quality choice for SGA secretary.

My experiences at Transylvania and abroad have prepared me to serve this role with dedication and commitment. In high school, I served as scribe for my local chapter of the Order of the Arrow, and since then I have learned to plan agendas and take detailed notes in meetings through involvement in several organizations. If elected, I plan on serving SGA in a productive and timely manner. I would use tools available via the Internet to make information about SGA business readily available for the population of the university as a whole. Additionally, my experience in executive leadership of the Interfraternity Council, Pi Kappa Alpha and WTLX has familiarized me with the communications network of Transy, a valuable asset for an officer in charge of communications.

My sophomore year, having already become highly involved with many organizations, I joined SGA to support the opinions and needs of the people within those organizations, as well as needs of the university as a whole. As an executive of SGA, I would continue to advocate for these issues, communicating and fighting for the representation of my friends, classmates and neighbors. Thanks for your time; I would greatly appreciate your support next week in the race for secretary.

Josh Edge:

Since my first year, I have been actively involved with student government. Now that I am about to exit my sophomore year, I have decided to run for secretary. Having served on the executive board this past year, I understand the important role that the secretary plays. In this position, I will increase communication not only internally within SGA, but also with the student body at large. Receiving more input from campus is vital to the effective management of SGA, and I believe that I could effectively execute this task. Additionally, I have experience with this position. I am currently the secretary of Delta Sigma Phi and have served as the Hope for Haiti initiative’s secretary. In short, I believe that my experience with the position and with SGA and my passion for Transylvania make me the best candidate for this position.


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