And The Candidates Are… (Treasurer)

The Treasurer Candidates for the SGA elections are the following:

Charli Fant:

Before I begin, I would first like to thank those of you who signed my petition for office. I am honored to be running, and it is you who have made it possible.

Now, as your candidate for treasurer, permit me to share with you the qualities I possess that make me capable of fulfilling the duties of this office. First and foremost, I am honest and open. As treasurer, this character trait is the most important. I recognize that there should be transparency in the Student Government Association, specifically in the areas involving the budget. I would like to continue to build upon steps that have already been taken and work to better inform the whole of the student body on where the SGA funds are being distributed. Because I am an honest person, I assure you that I will fulfill this obligation with the utmost degree of clarity and integrity.

The second quality I embody is that of diligence. I work hard to meet the expectations that I set for myself and do so with goals in mind. I organize, plan and communicate so that I can meet my academic, community and personal targets as effectively as possible. I know how to manage my time and energy in a way that permits me to handle the responsibility of being SGA treasurer.

Finally, I am passionate about student government. While I am fully aware that there is often a general feeling that SGA is ineffective at Transylvania, I have seen the various endeavors it has undertaken over the past year and would argue that it embraces student issues. Certainly ample room for improvement exists, and I would love to be part of this improvement in a more central way.

Once again, thank you Transylvania for putting me in this position to run for office. I would be proud to represent you as treasurer in SGA and would sincerely appreciate your vote.


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