And The Candidates Are… (Vice President)

These are the following candidates running for Vice President in the upcoming SGA election:

Andrew Goff:

My name is Andrew Goff, and I am a first-year student from Louisville, Ky. I’m running for vice president and I am here to ask for your vote in this year’s officer elections for the Student Government Association. Currently, I am a first-year student representative to SGA and I intend to continue providing an important voice to the entire student body.

If elected, I hope to help transform the role of the Student Government Association’s vice presidency into a more proactive office. Rather than simply doing the bare minimum required to retain the office, I plan to go above and beyond my expected duties. In addition to maintaining constant rapport with the chairmen and women of SGA’s major committees, I plan to also attend all of the aforementioned meetings in order to constantly remain updated with their comings and goings. Additionally, I hope to serve as a medium through which all students, first-years and seniors alike, can voice their opinions about the future of their university.

I have the experience necessary to provide Transylvania University’s Student Government Association with the leadership required to make the Transylvania experience the best it can be. Within the past year I have met many of you, but I am certainly looking forward to meeting the rest of you. I hope that I can count on your vote!

Anderson Salinas:

Going into this year I did not have the expectation of running for vice president. In fact, two weeks ago I was asking for your support in an election for a completely different office. However, next year Transylvania will have a new president and with it SGA’s vice presidency will have a new responsibility, one not formally listed in the job description. This unwritten responsibility will be to help forge a strong relationship between the new administration and the student body. Having considered this, I feel that I will best be able to serve you as the vice president. Twice you have elected me to serve on SGA, first as a senator and second as secretary. In fulfilling these roles I believe I have gained skills that would make me an excellent vice president during this unique year. As the secretary, I was also expected to serve on SGA’s executive council. Through working weekly in this capacity I have gained valuable insight into how to organize SGA so that it can effectively bring about the sort of things that we as a student body desire to see. As a senator I have had the opportunity to work with the administration in departments from the dean’s office to residence life, from finance to food service, as well as with faculty in every building on campus. In the process, I have built a strong relationship with them. Since the vice president is responsible for organizing committees that deal with both student life and academic issues as internal matters within SGA, I feel my experience within SGA, skills as a facilitator and broad range of connections on campus make me aptly suited for such a position. This is an exciting time for Transy and it would be an honor to serve as your vice president and so I humbly ask for your support.      

Julion Cowen:

Be the change that you wish to see in the world! This is what I believe in, and if given the opportunity, I will bring that change as SGA vice president.


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