Letters from Abroad

This week’s installment of Letters from Abroad features letters from three Transylvania University students who are studying abroad in Spain. The students reflect on their experience thus far as their time abroad draws to a close.

Juniors Nora Jane Montgomery, Bethany Hosford, Kat Thacker and Emily Dixon pose in front of the Alhambra, a palace and fortress in Granada, Spain.

“Coming to Spain has been the best decision of my Transy career. I have truly immersed myself in the Spanish culture and have experienced different points of view on many different issues, from European cooking to Obama. Emily Dixon and I frequent a café close to home, where we’ve come to know the people that work there and watch La Liga soccer games with the regular crowd when they get off work. Just being able to sit and have a coffee has been the greatest experience for me, because I feel like I’m a part of the community.”
–Kat Thacker ’11

“As cheesy as it sounds, studying abroad has taught me more about myself than I ever could have dreamed. Although I have been planning this trip for what seems like forever I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I definitely have my homesick days when all I want to do is go to sketchy Wal-mart, eat a Crunchwrap Supreme and watch my never-ending list of reality shows. However, even on those days I know that leaving Granada will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I would say that my favorite part has been meeting new people from all over the world and learning about their different perspectives on everything from the War in Iraq to fashion. I could never put a price on my study abroad experience or truly explain it to anyone else. I absolutely love it here.”
–Emily Dixon ’11

“They say you’ll be a changed person after study abroad and in my most recent weeks, I’ve really seen that in my own experience. It literally felt like entering a new world when I arrived here in Spain. I have all new friends, a new home and even a new family. My Spanish parents even refer to me as “hija” (daughter). It has been incredible to have the chance to be here and improve my Spanish, or at least work on it (even if it may have morphed into some strange mix of Mexican and Andalusian). I’ve also had the chance to visit a number of other countries, including Morocco, which definitely contributed to my personal development. This experience has and will continue to give new perspective to my lifestyle when I am in the states. I am more aware of the importance of conserving water and the adventure of trying new foods (including congealed pig’s blood, yeck!). In a few short months, I feel like I have learned so much about myself and about people in general. I wouldn’t change this experience for the world.”
–Nora Jane Montgomery ’11


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