Transylvanian Welcomes Film Submissions

by Elizabeth Davis

Calling all budding filmmakers – Transylvania’s literary and visual arts magazine, the Transylvanian, is promoting a film festival to showcase work produced by Transy students, faculty, staff and alumni.

The event is also a party for the release of the Transylvanian and will occur on May 20.

“We want to promote creativity on campus and stretch the journal to new mediums. Consider it the Transylvanian literary magazine – the film edition,” said junior Shannon Baldo, editor of the Transylvanian.

Baldo and senior Dylan Holland, another editor, stated that the requirements for the films are simple: Films must be between five and 20 minutes in length and be completely original. All genres are welcomed, and both organizations and individuals are permitted to compete. The deadline for submission is May 14.

“Nothing incredibly offensive or pointless, please. We might actually consider a film of you standing in your underwear, as long as it’s artsy,” Holland said.

As for the medium, all types are welcomed. There are no constraints as to quality or professionalism; media can range from a flip-phone camera to a state-of-the-art camcorder. All films that meet the requirements will be shown the night of the festival.

Holland and Baldo hope that this new addition to the Transylvanian will become an annual event.

“This is a seed we’re trying to sow to enhance the Transylvanian’s rich history,” Baldo said.

The journal is the oldest literary magazine west of the Alleghenies and released its 114th volume last year.

“Take a break from studying, film yourself in your underwear, do God knows what,” Holland said.

So what is it like making one’s directorial or acting debut? First-years Alex Cheser and Anna Tussey, the respective director and star of the original film “Intimacy,” discussed the process of filmmaking.

“Since my first semester here, I was interested in human intimacy and how people interact,” Cheser said. “Even though we’re surrounded by people, we can still lack intimacy.”

The film was shot on a Flip Ultra HD (high-definition) camera, which, as Cheser stated, is “definitely better than a cell phone.” It explores Tussey’s character and her search for intimacy.

“I was a bit nervous. I never had done anything like it before,” Tussey shared. “But it was fun to make, even though it was awkward when people stared.”
Although they both want to keep the plot a surprise, Tussey gave a preview of the unique angle of the film.

“People don’t expect you to (lie) down in Haupt, or in the middle of Broadway, or in a fountain,” she said.

Cheser thinks the event will add to the creativity already present in the Transylvania community.

“I would definitely suggest submitting. It’s a great creative outlet,” he said.

Submissions must include information of all those involved in the production of the film, as well as a description of the film’s concept. In addition, films must be submitted as a DVD or file transfer to junior H.B. Elam, the Transylvanian submissions officer.


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