TU Word of the Week

by Elizabeth Davis

It is a well known fact that most countries have their own official languages. Brazil has Portuguese, the Netherlands has Dutch and Transylvania has Transyspeak. In this section, we’ll attempt to decode the dialect of 300 N. Broadway.

This week’s word: sketch
sketch (SKECH’), adj. (Note: Can also be used as interjection.)

Etymology: Dutch “schets,” from Italian “schizzo” (used first in the 14th century to warn citizens of Italy about the drawbacks of pet rat ownership, with dismal results)

1. of uncertain or questionable terms
2. precarious

1. “Whoa, look at what the ice cream flavors are at Baskin Robbins today.”
“Hmm, … bleu cheese, meatloaf and rubber cement. Sketch!”
2. “Hey Caesar, the Senate seems pretty sketch to me today. I had a vision or two about the danger.”
“Sketch? On the Ides of March? Naaah.”


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