Meet the Candidate: Williams

by Holly Brown

Owen Williams received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Dartmouth College in 1974. In 1976 he obtained his master’s from the University of Cambridge in history. In 2007 he earned a master of science in law from Yale University, and in 2009 gained a doctorate in history, also from Yale.

Williams’ career has been focused more in the business realm than in academia. From 1977-90 he worked at Salomon Brothers Inc., an investment banking firm. There he served in the capacity of director and global product manager of the government bond department and vice president of Salomon Brothers Asia.
From 1990-93 he served as executive director of Goldman Sachs and Co., developing its real estate business in non-Japan Asia. In 1995 he worked as the senior directing manager of Bear Stearns & Co.

From 1996-99, Williams worked as managing director and head of fixed income at First Union Capital Markets. In this capacity he managed over 500 people and multiple businesses; oversaw trading, sales and research functions; and saw this company increase its fixed-income revenues tenfold.

Williams has served on the boards of First Union Capital Markets, Wheat First Securities, Bear Stearns Asia, Salomon Brothers Asia, Vascular International and Wilton Bank. He has also served on the boards of nonprofits such as Opera Carolina, the Los Angeles Ballet, the Wilton Historical Society, the Wilton Library Association and the Yale History Department.

Williams has been awarded several fellowships from institutions such as Yale, the New York University Law School, the Harvard University Law School, the Huntington Library and the George Washington University Law School.

Williams has some teaching experience, has contributed to several publications and has written over 15 book reviews. He has presented at a variety of conferences, in front of organizations including the Harvard Legal History Colloquium, The Historical Society, the Harvard Law School, the Yale Law School and the Dred Scott Symposium.

In his application, Williams affirms that it would be “a great honor to build upon all that Transylvania accomplished under President Shearer.” William’s application is open to the Transy community and available for viewing at the Library.


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