Texting Bill To Become Law

Staff Report

A bill that outlaws texting while driving has passed the Kentucky House of Representatives and is headed to the governor for his signature.

Once signed into law, House bill 43 will make it illegal for Kentuckians to text or e-mail while driving. Violators will be issued a warning until Jan. 1, 2011. After that, a minimum fine of $25 plus court costs will be assessed; repeat offenders will be fined at least $50.

The bill also prohibits drivers under 18 from talking on their cell phones while driving. Violators will face an extended wait for their permanent driver’s license.
House bill 43, sponsored by Rep. Tom Riner, D-Louisville, was amended to include language from a similar bill passed by the Senate that was sponsored by Sen. Denise Harper Angel, D-Louisville. Members of both chambers have said that safety – not punishment – is the main goal of the legislation.

“I’m not trying to penalize them,” said Rep. Jody Richards, D-Warren County, a major supporter of the bill, in an earlier interview with the Rambler. “I’m trying to keep them from getting hurt.”


One Response to Texting Bill To Become Law

  1. dave says:

    These laws are ridiculous. I can’t responsibly use my smart phone while at a stoplight but a woman can apply make-up while driving down the expressway? A law doesn’t stop dumb people from doing dumb things. We need less laws like this and maybe just a little more education.

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