Transy-Centre Duo Rocks

by Erica Mundell

Transylvania senior Andrea Warner and Centre College sophomore Alyson Burke have known one another since kindergarten. They lived in the same hometown of Burgin, Ky., played basketball in high school, and sang in talent contests and music jamborees. Warner’s father, who is a musician, thought it only natural that the girls should sing together as well.

Transy senior Andrea Warner and Centre sophomore Alyson Burke have been performing as Aly'an since 2008, and will perform at the Collin's Classic on April 29.

“My dad had the idea to form a band with Alyson and myself and that is how the duet act was born,” said Warner.

The first band they were both members of was called Wild Roses. According to Warner, she and Burke formed their duo act Aly’an in 2008 with the hope of pursuing a career in the music industry.

“Music has always been around my family, especially country music,” said Warner. “However, Alyson and I both love rock as well.”

The duo sings modern country and classic rock, as well as original material, which they say is inspired by day-to-day interactions and personal experiences.

“We pretty much have our own style of combining the two. When we plan our shows, we want to do something different that the audience will be interested in and enjoy,” said Warner. “By performing the cover material, the audience has something they can relate to, dance to and sing along with. Performing the original material allows us to show the audience our creative side.”

Warner is a business administration major and plans on moving to Nashville, Tenn., next fall to pursue a career in the music industry. For right now, she is focusing on graduating in May during the week and her music on the weekends. Aly’an performs the majority of its shows from March to October, which Warner said is the busy season for the duo.

“We play at a lot of festivals and fairs during the summer and usually just music venues on the weekends during the offseason,” said Warner.
Aly’an is performing from 11 p.m. to midnight at Collin’s Classic on April 29.

“Dr. Julia Poynter is my professor and Alyson and I did an acoustic performance last year at the Collin’s Classic spring event,” said Warner.
Warner is also on the planning committee for the event.

“There is going to be some great entertainment that night from several artists, and I am happy that we get the opportunity to perform here locally in Lexington,” said Warner. “There will definitely be something performed that everyone can enjoy.”

Aly’an has a CD entitled “Sweet Harmony.” More information about this CD and the group can be found at or on their MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages.


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