2010-2011 Rambler Staff Announced

by Holly Brown

A new Rambler editorial staff has been selected for the 2010-201l school year.

The full incoming editorial staff includes Erica Mundell as editor-in-chief, Carlos Melgar as managing editor, Erin Brock as design editor, H.B. Elam as photo editor, Jake Hawkins as news editor, Elizabeth Davis as campus life editor, Holly Brown as arts and entertainments editor, Amanda Holt as opinion editor, Jessica Gordon as Etcetera editor, John Johnson as chief copy editor, Abby Ferguson as sports editor and Erika Lindstrom as Web editor.

“I am very excited to be working with another wonderful staff. … Grace and Melissa took the paper to a new level this past year, and we can only improve from here,” said Melgar.

Terri McLean, Transy’s student media adviser, expressed excitement about the Rambler’s incoming leadership.

“Erica has lots of experience – she’s been with the Rambler since I’ve been here – and Carlos came on strong last year. … I think they’ll make a great, strong leadership team,” she said.

McLean said that the Rambler will be participating in recruiting efforts this summer in hopes of attracting a larger first-year membership, giving the paper a more “diverse read and look.”

“Since I started working on the Rambler last year, we’ve grown tremendously in many areas,” said Mundell, who has been campus life editor for the 2009-2010 school year. “Our writing is better and the subject matter more substantial, our layout process is more streamlined, and our ‘Rambler family’ has grown stronger. We have overall become a more professional paper.”

Hawkins is also enthusiastic about next year’s paper.

“I cannot wait to hit the ground running to do my part to make the Rambler an even better paper for our school,” he said. ”I plan to work with our new editor-in-chief and managing editor to really revolutionize the news section of the Rambler. While campus news would still be the primary focus, I would like to see stories from outside the Bubble, that still affect those within the Bubble, featured as news.”

While there are times when working on the Rambler can be stressful, it’s also a very rewarding activity, according to Johnson.

“Publication nights take a great deal of patience, but it is exciting to see a newspaper take shape right before my eyes,” Johnson said.

Kim Rodgers, a graduating senior who has been this year’s news editor, has also found working with the Rambler to be a worthwhile experience.

“A news organization makes information about recent events available to everyone, so they can draw their own conclusions instead of forming their opinions by relying on secondhand stories. I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a part of the Rambler staff and watch the paper grow stronger,” she said.

“I’m so incredibly proud of all that we have accomplished this year,” said senior Grace Chambers, this year’s editor-in-chief.
Chambers was referring in part to the 12 first-place awards the Rambler won for the winter and fall of 2009 at the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association conference held at Transy back in March.

“It has truly been a collaborative effort by some of the hardest working, most dedicated people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working,” Chambers said. “However, as excited as I am about what we’ve done this year, I’m even more excited to see what the Rambler staff will accomplish and improve upon next year and in the many years to come.”


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