Juried Art Exhibit Showcases Winning Talents

by Rachel Williams

The first image I saw when I walked into Morlan Gallery for the juried student art exhibit was junior Veronica Feth’s “Self-Portrait.” It startled me a little bit because it is a very large, very bright canvas, the bottom of which was right at my eye level. I appreciated this acrylic piece, though; the face was very pleasant and the texture of the hair reminded me of parrot feathers.

The section I ventured toward next was the digital media section. Junior Holli Schulz was awarded the Outstanding Artist Across Media Award for her series of photographs entitled “Veronica,” “Seth” and “David & Clay.”

Junior Nadia Smith is one of many students who visited the Juried Student Art Exhibit in Morlan Gallery. The show will run until May 20.

I thought junior Corey Kottak’s image entitled “Puppy Marley” was precious until someone pointed out that the dog has a hand in its mouth. I still think the dog was cute but I’m not sure about the skeletal hand it was holding.

A piece by senior Kathleen Burke entitled “Statusfied” consists of several of her Facebook statuses attached to each other and hanging from the ceiling in front of a blue backdrop. This piece reminded me of one that I saw in MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) in New York, except the piece in MoMA had hanging images instead of words.

Sophomore Katie Brewer produced the only book on display in this exhibit. For this piece, entitled “Fences,” she was awarded the Excellence in Digital Media Award. The book houses several pictures of various fences along with one continuous poem attributed to the Rev. Rebecca Hudson.

I had fun with sophomore Alexis Schuman’s “Freak Show,” which consists of clay figures painted with acrylic paint. The figures are combinations of different animals, with names to go along with them. For example, one figure is called “Jelphantboomur.” It has the head of a jellyfish, the legs of an elephant, the tail of a lemur and webbed feet, which I guessed were from a blue-footed booby. Another figure is called “Deerear”; it has the upper body of a deer and the lower body and paws of a bear. The “Snamingo” has a flamingo upper body but the head and tail of a black snake.

Next to “Freak Show” was sophomore Julia Sebastian’s “Lewis,” a print for which she won the Excellence in Printmaking Award. The print depicts a man squatting with several arrows around him. He looked rather sad and forlorn, which I guess had to do with all the arrows sticking in him.

On the next wall was a series of three oil paintings called “Tension Triptych” by junior Julia Blankenship. This series won the Excellence in Painting Award and the Fine Arts Program Purchase Award. For those who don’t know, a triptych is a set of three panels side by side bearing pictures or carvings. Blankenship’s triptych contains three paintings, a theme of which I discerned to be sort of a rise and fall type of thing. The first and third canvases looked to me to have a swollen cross-stitch pattern while the second had a similar subdued pattern. The overall image made me think of waves.

Around the corner was an untitled piece by sophomore Kara Hansel. I really enjoyed the use of color in this piece. When I looked at it, I imagined that the green was a mountain and that the purple wave rushing down the right side of the canvas was a river flowing into a valley. I have no idea what image the painting is intended to evoke, but that was the image that came to my mind.

Feth’s “Running with Lace” won her the Dean’s Purchase Award. This collagraph (a type of printmaking) depicts a horse running toward the viewer with lace flying in the wind behind it. Initially, I did not see the horse but after a few seconds, and after I read the title, I figured it out.
Senior Montgomery Powers won the Excellence in Sculpture Award for his “72 Inkwells.” These inkwells are of various sizes and shapes; some looked like inverted bell pots and others were shaped like hollowed-out gourds.

As I left, I looked up at the “Self-Portrait” again. The pleasant face seemed to be saying “Thank you for visiting Morlan Gallery, come again soon.”
The juried student art exhibit will be in Morlan Gallery until Thursday, May 20, at 5 p.m. There is no charge to see the exhibit. For more information about the exhibit, contact Andrea Fisher at afisher@transy.edu.


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