HA Response to the Rambler

On behalf of the Head Advisers,

We appreciate the inquiry into the perspective of the Residence Life Staff and hope for further communication between the Rambler and Residence Life as the year

This year we are turning a new page in Transylvania’s Residence Life. After specific requests from the student body at the end of last year, we are moving toward a
more consistent system of regulating student conduct. The policies that have changed will have to be met by their respectful ways of enforcing them. Since
August 1st Transylvania has been declared a tobacco free campus. In addition to that, the visitation policy has changed to 10 a.m. – 2 a.m. every day throughout the
week, with the ultimate purpose being a longer period of studying together with members of the opposite sex.

In order to uphold the aforementioned consistency within the different factors of the university, we have moved toward a “no warning” policy. What this means, is that
all incidents with which we are confronted will be documented and treated accordingly to their level of severity. It is important to understand that the
preexisting system of warnings was not an official policy, but something that allowed for better student compliance at the time. However, the preexisting system
of warnings led to confusion from the student body and staff, and was summed up as inconsistency. It is, therefore, the purpose of Residence Life to guarantee that further violations will not impede the students from fulfilling the superseding goal of studying and sleeping in their primary place of residency. In addition to this, the student body itself realized that the system of warnings did not allow for a consistent enforcing of the rules by the RA staff. We would like to stress that the change is aimed at a long term improvement of the safety and wellness of the students in the residence halls, and should not be perceived as a punishment but as an opportunity to make a positive change in our community.

As the HA’s, we are more than aware of the frustration that this list of changes could invoke within the student body. However, it is the nature of our position to call
upon the students to interact with the RA staff and work together toward a cohesive community. We are here to support the students as much as President Williams, Dean Vetter, Amy Jo Gabel (Greek Life Coordinator), Bob Brown (Director of Residence Life), Farrah Dicken (Assistant Director of Residence Life), the rest of the Dean of Students Staff and DPS are here to support us. We therefore ask the student body for your collaboration and participation as we begin a new year together.


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