Transy Becomes Tobacco-Free Campus

by Jake Hawkins

After 230 years of being a campus where anyone could use tobacco freely, Transylvania University is now smoke-free.

The so-called smoking ban, which went into effect on Aug. 1, includes all campus locations, except for a designated grassy area behind the campus center on Fourth Street. Chairs have been added to designate it as a smoking area.

The ban includes all forms of tobacco, smokeless and otherwise.

Construction on the designated smoking area is not yet completely finished, but should be soon, according to Ashley Hinton-Moncer, the chair of the smoke-free campus initiative.

Smoking in personal vehicles parked anywhere on campus is also not allowed. However, smoking on public sidewalks (the ones that border campus) is allowed. Those sidewalks, unlike the ones within the campus, are not Transy property and are out of the ban’s jurisdiction.

The university does hope to help Transy students, faculty and staff quit smoking, should they chose to.

Hinton-Moncer spoke of the smoking cessation classes that are being held.

“Classes start Sept. 15 from 6 to 7 p.m. They are free, (with) free food (and) free NRT (nicotine-replacement products).”
Hinton-Moncer assured that there was no need to worry about privacy.

“(The classes are) taught by the health department so no one from Transy faculty or staff will be present and names of those attending are confidential,” she said.

The smoking cessation classes will meet in the Beck Center in room 3030.

To enforce the tobacco ban, all members of the Transy community are urged to help.

“Everyone is asked to do their part,” said Hinton-Moncer. “There is a Web site for reporting violations.”

That Web site, which also has complete information on the ban, can be found by clicking on “Tobacco Free Campus” under the “Help & Resources” header on Inside Transy.

The smoking ban comes a little over a year after then-president Dr. Charles Shearer formed a committee charged with reconsidering the campus tobacco policy.
The committee did several things to reach this decision. It surveyed campus faculty, staff and students and held public forums. In addition, the committee researched methods of implementation and the tobacco policies at other universities.

It was after this that the committee made the recommendation that the campus become tobacco-free.


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