Free Services Boost Student Health

by Quincy Williams

The Beck Center — the one oasis on the academic side of campus where students can take a break from constant homework to work up a sweat. While this building is known campus-wide for being the center for exercise, it also offers other features such as nutritional help and a variety of classes.

The Beck Center has the standard equipment one expects for a workout room: treadmills, weights, stationary bikes. However, the Beck Center is also planning on getting some new equipment as well.

Speaking on the subject, Ashley Hinton-Moncer, director of fitness and wellness, said that the Beck Center plans to add a new Ryder bike to the workout gym.
Hinton-Moncer also talked about the classes that the Beck Center offers students.

“We have free group fitness classes, everything from yoga to zumba,” Hinton-Moncer said.

The Beck Center also has certified personal trainers. There is a small fee in order to use their services but Hinton-Moncer guaranteed that “they are still the best rates in town.”

The Beck Center is also working to implement new and different types of fitness programs to encourage all Transylvania students to become active.

“With campus recreation we would have fitness and wellness as we already do — outdoor recreation, informal recreation, club sports and intramurals all working together to provide everyone an opportunity to get out and play,” Hinton-Moncer said.

The Beck Center has created a student committee to discuss plans and organize these types of events. There will be a meeting during open hour on Sept. 28 for any student who wishes to attend.

All of these programs are, and will remain, free for Transylvania students. The only exception, Hinton-Moncer said, would be any possible recreational trips. The first of these trips has already been planned.

This trip will be on Saturday, Oct. 9, and will focus on survival skills such as building a fire, constructing a shelter and navigating. The trip will leave for the Red River Gorge early that morning and leave by late afternoon.

A wide variety of exercise options are not the only thing the Beck Center offers.

“We have a certified nutritionist on staff that works part time to provide nutrition counseling absolutely free,” Hinton-Moncer said.

To sum up the mission of the Beck Center, Hinton-Moncer said, “Participation in campus recreational opportunities enables students, faculty and staff to learn new skills and remain physically active while having fun in the process. It relates to the student life development outcome under ‘Healthy Lifestyle’: ‘Students will exhibit a balanced approach to personal lifestyle choices in the following areas of development: social, emotional, spiritual and physical.’ ”

If anyone is interested in using the personal trainers, e-mail To contact Sandy Hall, the campus nutritionist, e-mail her at For additional information about fitness class schedules and other activities, visit the Beck Center’s page on Inside Transy:


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