Letter to the Editor: Printing Policy Unfair to Students

Dear Editor,

Having been abroad for six months and missing out on the implementation of the new money-grabbing print scheme, I was very disappointed when I first tried to print something.

I picked Transylvania University because I thought the administration really cared for its students and tailored our needs into every decision. Well obviously that isn’t the case anymore. The administration just does whatever it wants without student or even faculty agreement. Out of my five classes this semester, all of the professors scoffed at the “paperless” scheme and all explicitly stated that we WOULD have to print out all of the articles assigned and come to class with them. So now the students will be punished for following the professors’ orders? You can’t tell me that recycled printer paper isn’t an option. Yes, I know you can come back and say that there are digital readers now. So you expect us to scan in files, change the format to something our (expensive) digital readers can compute and then carry that to class every day?! What an expensive PITA. I think the administration is merely hiding behind the excuse of “environmentally friendly”; they are using it as a cover for what it really is: pathetically grabbing at even more money from us. Is $35,000 a year not enough for you, President? If we paid $4,000 for in-state tuition to the University of Kentucky then maybe it would be understandable, but not for such a well-endowed university like Transy.

A Disgruntled Senior
Elizabeth Utley


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