Potential Horse Club Seeks Members

by Elizabeth Davis

With the World Equestrian Games coming up, those at Transylvania University may be wondering how to get involved in Lexington’s horse community during and after the event. Luckily, Dr. Meg Upchurch is proposing a way for horse lovers to get involved — she’s advising a potential horse club for Transylvanians.

Transylvania’s location in Lexington makes the horse club a viable undertaking, Upchurch pointed out.

“You can’t be in Lexington without seeing horse stuff everywhere,” she said.

Transy actually had a horse club in years past, but it fell by the wayside after the student who started the club graduated, losing what Upchurch described as a valuable link to Lexington’s horse traditions.

“At present, there doesn’t seem to be much involvement by Transy in the horse-related community,” Upchurch said.

The absence of a horse club was striking enough that even President Owen Williams took notice.

“President Williams was wondering where (the club) went,” Upchurch said.

Upchurch stated that she had the idea to reincarnate the club after her work this summer with Horse Aid, a national organization that benefits horse rescue facilities.

The common goal of the horse club would be, according to Upchurch, “to have fun and promote horse well-being in general.” Potential activities for the club include trips to Keeneland; volunteering at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope, an organization that provides therapeutic riding for kids with physical and mental disabilities; and a group viewing of the upcoming movie “Secretariat.”

One of the reasons Upchurch decided to take on the role of adviser is that she is herself a horse owner and rider. She has a Haflinger, Wes, and an Arabian, Petra, and rides both competitively and for fun.

However, Upchurch said that those who want to join the club need not own horses to participate, “as long as they have an interest.” There will be a variety of ways to get involved in the club.

“There are all kinds of jobs people could do,” Upchurch said. “Some wouldn’t even be near horses.”

Upchurch hopes the club will strengthen Transy’s ties to Lexington’s horse community as a whole and reveal sides of the community of which students aren’t currently aware.

“I hope this will be a chance for us to have a tie with different kinds of horse people, different breeds and different activities,” she said.
If you’re interested in joining the club, contact Dr. Upchurch at mupchurch@transy.edu.


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