Transy Greek Chapters Undergo Sister Search

by Daniel Cooper

Fresh off of Transylvania’s No. 1 national ranking for Greek life, the university’s four sororities were given the chance to vie for new members during the annual recruitment process that took place last weekend. Some 120 women went through the exhausting process of finding the right sorority.

Several Greek upperclassmen, called Rho Gammas, served as mentors to potential new members during recruitment. Each Rho Gamma, who is unaffiliated for the purpose of recruitment, guided a group of 10-12 women through the process, while striving to provide them the most positive experience possible. Most girls who participated in recruitment were given the chance to pledge to their first or second choice.

Senior Chi Omega Megan Bauers said she was ecstatic about her sorority’s new pledges.

“They’re simply amazing, and I can’t wait to see how they contribute to Chi Omega, and how Chi Omega does for them what it has done for me,” said Bauers.

According to the Greek life office, more women than last year signed up for and completed the recruitment process, which ended in “pledging” to (i.e., becoming a member of) one of the four longstanding sororities on campus: Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Delta Delta, Phi Mu and Chi Omega. The recruitment weekend culminated with the annual Bid Day, when the freshly recruited women became official pledges of one of the four sororities — welcomed by their upperclassmen sisters clad in costumes, body paint and reproductions of their respective animal mascot.

The recruitment process was somewhat different this year, according to Greek Affairs Coordinator Amy Jo Gabel.

“A major difference this year from past years was that the sororities did not wear chapter letters during the first week of classes, which I think helped to create a more welcoming atmosphere for our first-year students,” said Gabel.

“The attitude this year with recruitment was fantastic,” she said. “All of the sorority women did an excellent job promoting Greek life and the positive aspects of Greek membership.”

According to Gabel, there has been a much larger emphasis on the positive effects of Greek life and the organizations that embody it than there has been in the past. Gabel also emphasized that the Rho Gamma staff worked extremely hard to make sure that all of the potential pledges had the most accurate and valuable information possible to make sure that they ended their weekend knowing they had made the right decision.

As reported in last week’s News section, Transy was ranked No. 1 in “Major Frat and Sorority Life” by The Princeton Review. However, to think that this had a profound effect on this year’s recruitment process is somewhat erroneous.

Senior Alpha Omicron Pi Aja Price, who also served as a Rho Gamma during recruitment, made a point that this ranking had nothing to do with the attitude that she or any of the other Rho Gammas employed during the weekend.

“It’s nice to be recognized, but we’ve been doing this for years,” said Price.

With women’s recruitment finished and men’s rush coming up, Gabel elaborated on how her first experience with women’s recruitment will influence men’s rush.

“Men’s and women’s recruitments are drastically different in many ways, but the one thing that is consistent is that both have guidelines set in place for the chapters to follow,” she said. “We made significant efforts at the end of last year to ensure that all of our sorority women were educated on those guidelines by sending a Panhellenic representative to every chapter to discuss them. I would like to see similar efforts made next year with the fraternities.”


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